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CZ Custom Shop
1008 South Center St
Mesa, AZ 85210

phone: 480.969.1311
fax: 480.969.9687

Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance with State Laws

Can you ship Hi Capacity magazines to a state that has a capacity restriction? If not, can you strip the magazine into component parts and ship them separately?
I’m looking for a firearm that is on the California Department Of Justice(CA DOJ) handgun Roster; can you ship 2 10round magazines instead of the Hi Capacity magazines?

Firearm Export

I like your enhanced firearms, but I don’t live in the United States. Can you export the firearm to me?

Online Firearm Purchase

Can I purchase firearm directly from you?

Questions about CZ custom shop services

Can you supply your SP-01 shadow with 5″, Similar to the guns shipped to Australia and Denmark?
Does xxxxxx part fit my EAA / Tangfolgio pistol?
Firing pin blocks on CZ Pistols
How do I fit CZ front sight?
I am interested in buying a CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical in .40 S&W. I was wondering if you guys do any custom work on this pistol? I am mostly interested in improving the trigger.
I have a CZ 75 pistol with a creepy, hard and mushy trigger. Would the 85 trigger installed by you and tuned, take care of this otherwise superb pistol?
I have a decocker style factory pistol, is there anyway to convert it to Single Action Only?
I want to replace the standard front sight on my CZ pistol with a Fiber Optic front sight. I do not wish to replace the rear sight. What size do I need?
I was hoping you could tell me if the CZ P-01 and CZ compact (steel frame) have the same internal components or if they are different, requiring different replacement parts?
Is it possible to fit the CZ TS Extended Ambi Safety LHS (Item Number: 10226) on the SP01 Shadow?

Questions about New CZ models availability in the USA

Are you going to have the CZEHMATE available here in the US to purchase?
I have heard that the Kadet conversion kit will not fit the 75B Omega. What is the specific reason for this?

Questions about shopping cart & shipping

Can you tell me how much shipping will cost for my order?
I am looking for a part on your website, which I know was originally there. Did you stop selling this part?
I ordered a part from your web site because there was no indication that it was not in stock. Why do you continue to allow people to buy parts that are not in stock? When are we supposed to know when it will be in stock?
I wish to buy xxxxxxxx. How can I order this, as it is not listed on your web site?